The Farms

Chatsworth Park is situated on the outskirts of Scone and comprises of two farms. The first farm is located approximately 2 kilometres south-west from the centre of Scone and is home to the majority of pregnant mares. It is made up of a 100 acres of rich alluvial soil on the Dartbrook Creek. All fencing is purpose built and all paddocks are pasture improved which is serviced by an excellent water supply with irrigation to all paddocks. The farm is well equipped for all your needs with:

The second farm comprises 320 acres and is located approximately 4 kilometres south-west from the centre of Scone and also located on Cliftlands Road. This farm is home to dry mares, spelling horses and yearling preparation.

The farm boasts a range of facilities including:


We are well equipped to transport your horses as we can offer our own transport carrying up to 5 horses at competitive rates. During the busy breeding season we may call upon the services of Signature Equine Transport to assist with transporting mares.

Should you have any further enquiries regarding our services please contact any of the team to assist.